My Digital Camera

November 2000, for Thanksgiving I bought myself one of the best presents I've ever received (right up there with my first rolling suitcase (from my aunt), my microwave (from my parents), and my DVD player), a Digital Camera. My Digital camera is an HP PhotoSmart 618 Digital Camera


Greg pictures

On January 26, 2008, my friend Greg (GEM) passed away. He shows up in various places in this digital catalogue, but his friends have been searching their photo books and collections for pictures of him that predate the digital camera revolution and scanning them in. If you have any pictures that you'd like see here, scanned or digital, please email me.

Greg pictures

For ease of use, these are organized in reverse chronological order.

Christmas Day - December 25, 2008

Pictures from Hoppie's parents house and from Barbie and Buddy's house.

Channukah in Charlotte - December 24, 2008 ((Kislev 27, 5769)

During Channukah, I flew back to Boston, but not before a stop-over in Charlotte

Memorial Day - May 26, 2008

Pictures from Memorial Day

Secret Bunny - May 18, 2008

We missed the secret santa this year, and the Lush anniversary, and technically we missed Easter, but we declare it to be a Secret Bunny Holiday.
High resolution images for enhanced ewwwing and ahhhhing pleasure are here.

Betsy's Birthday Party - May 18th, 2008

Pictures from Betsy's birthday party

Mother's Day; May 11 2008

Pictures from Mother's Day with hoppie's family

Parent's Visit, May 2008

Pictures from the whale watch and my parents visit

Passover, 2008

Pictures from Maker's Mark, and Robin's house (no Robin though...mostly Vicky and Alan

Heather's 5th Birthday

Pictures from Heather's birthday party

Jason's visit

Some really bad pictures of Simon and Molly, but a decent picture of Chip and Delia

Assorted Heather pictures, March 2008

Heather posing

Greg's Memorial Party at Mary Chung's - February 17, 2008

We went to Greg's favorite restaurant.

Maryland, February 9th-10th, 2008

We went down to Charlottesville for Greg's funeral, but before we did, we stopped off to see some friends on the way.

Kevin - January 2008

There are some random pictures of Kevin that don't fit anywhere else.

After Christmas Party - December 28, 2007

The sorta annual traditional post Christmas get together with the cousins.

Christmas - December 25, 2007

The usual Christmas festivities. Hoppie's parents by day and Cousin Barbie's by night. Followed by sleep, of which there are no pictures.

My Birthday - December 23, 2007

Through a confluence of synergy, my birthday ended up getting celebrated by itself this year. And Eric and Zoe were there!

Channukah - 2007

The pictures from the trip to Louisville for Channukah.

Rocker's Birthday Party - November 24-25, 2007

Pictures of the cake and presents

Thanksgiving - November 22, 2007

Pictures of Heather and Kevin. Heather wrote her first book, a four page story of Betsy when she was a girl.

Visiting with Simon and Molly - November 21, 2007

Jason came up to visit his parents for Thanksgiving with the kids and we got to meet up with them before Thanksgiving.

Family visit to Charlotte - October 2007

In our second weekend getaway in two weeks, we went to Charlotte, NC to see family.  I don't have any pictures of my parents or MeeMaw, but they were there.  I do have pictures of Asher and Ruby and their cousins.

Yehudis's Bat Mitzvah - October 21, 2007

Mazal Tov, Yehudis!

Hoppie and Carla had a late birthday this year - October 14, 2007

So if it's Hoppie and Carla's birthday, why is Kevin getting the monster?

Hoppie's cousin Laura turned 40 this year.  There was a party- October  7, 2007

Unfortunately, she hates parties and decided not to show up.

Louisville for Rosh Hashana - September 16, 2007

We went to brunch with Robin and Vicky.  The date is easy to remember 'cause it's Hoppie's birthday.  These are mostly pictures of Alan.

Visit to Maryland/DC - August 5, 2007

We went to visit Lori for a sort of post-birthday visit and also stopped off to see Nechama, Eliezer, and the kids.

Family visit to Florida - January/February 2007

For my first trip away from Hoppie since our marriage, I went to Florida with MeeMaw, Mom, and Dad to see Sissy, Brian, and Asher. We also saw Cousin Ceil Lee, Gerry Lee, and Connie.

Heather and Kevin pictures - January 17, 2007

These pictures are from The Patriots/Chargers game we watched at Hoppie's parents' house.

Mahesh's Goodbye Party

Mahesh went to California. A bunch of us got together to wish him a Farewell as he moves to the left coast.

Christmas After Party

Because we weren't able to get together with Hoppie's cousins on Christmas, Carla hosted a post Christmas party.

New Year's Eve 2006-2007

Hoppie and I spent New Year's Eve with his family at his sister's house.

Christmas - 2006

The usual festivities.

Channukah - 2006

The whole family went to Louisville for Channukah.

Retirement Party - 2006

After 20 years of running his church fairbooth at the Topsfield fair, Hoppie's parents retire.

Daniel Handler book signing - October 2006

Janice and I went to see Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket) and Stephin Merrit perform (and read) in honor of the release of the final book of the Series of Unfortunate Events series, simply titled, The End.

Cheryl's Birthday -2006

We went out to celebrate Hoppie's mother's birthday.

Menucha's Bat Mitzvah - July 8-9 2006

These are pictures from Menucha's Bat Mitzvah. This are pictures of us with Greg, Maya, Leah, and Lori.

Father's Day - 2006

These are pictures from when we got back to Boston on Father's day, 2006. We don't have any pictures of our weekend in Louisville for Benjamin's Bar Mitzvah.

Kevin pictures - April 16, 2006

Never let it be said I don't give props to the second child. This album only has pictures of Kevin.

Big Blowout - March 2006

This was the big going away party at my old job

Before Intercon F

When Alison, Sue, and Steve came to visit us.

A couple of Heather and Kevin song

A couple of pictures of Heather and Kevin

Kevin's baptism - February 2006

Pictures from Kevin's baptism.

Random pictures of Heather and Kevin - January 2006

Pictures from a random Sunday.

Channukah - 2005

Pictures from Channukah.

Christmas - 2005

Pictures from Christmas.

Thanksgiving - 2005

Pictures from Thanksgiving. Mostly this is pictures of Heather and Kevin. Heather found Betsy's bat.

Sean's Bar Mitzvah

These are pictures from my cousin Sean's Bar Mitzvah in Chicago.

Coworkers - October 2005

Before never saw each other again, we wanted to know what we looked like.

Eric and Zoe's wedding - September 2005

We went to California for Eric and Zoe's wedding. I think there might be some other pics as well. Like Womble and Drew.

American Citizens - August 2005

These are the first pictures of kids as American citizens.

Kevin Thomas - June 2005 These pictures are from the first time we saw the baby.

Elaine's Kids - May 5, 2005

Here are some updated pictures of Elaine's kids.

Vegas for Aunt Estelle's 80th Birthday

Still wicked behind. Have these to tide you over


Wow, I'm behind! I have a bunch of pictures queued or uploaded, but unlinked, but I'm afraid you'll have to settle for these photos of Thanksgiving weekend

Simon and Molly's visit - August 8, 2004

Perennial fan favorites The Nelsons were up visiting so we booked it from Timmy's birthday party to see them. We also finally got to meet Delia finally. (Also, Chip was there.)

Timothy Grimes' Birthday party

Hoppie's "cousin" Timothy's 6th birthday party. I put cousin in quotes because he's the son of hoppie's cousin, and if I were from New England, I would know what that makes him to me (first cousin once removed?) but being as I'm from Kentucky, and we're pretty much kinfolk to all, he's a cousin, and that's there is to it.

Christina's 30th Birthday party

It's probably hard to tell from the pictures, but it was a Tiki party theme. I guess the lais do help.

Heather - August 1, 2004

More pictures of Heather.

Heather - July 25, 2004

I would say something about the long gap between updates, but then I'd have to remember to remove it when I finally get the midpictures up. These are pictures of mostly Heather.

Nechama and Eliezer - May 18 & 19 2004

Nechama and Eliezer came up for some social duties and paid us a genteel social call. I love the time we get together. I miss them. They live clear across the country.

Betsy's Birthday Party - May 16, 2004

So Betsy edges ever closer to 30. And more Heather pictures...

Mother's Day - May 8, 2004

In which there are many Heather pictures, and a few of hoppie's mom.

Heather's first Birthday party - April 18, 2004

It may be hard to believe from the pictures, but there were more people than Heather and her cousins Matthew and Katie in attendance. My in-laws probably have some pictures of me assembling the walker, but I don't because hoppie was off gabbing somewhere with the adults, what a weirdo.

Heather's second Easter - Easter (April 11, 2004)

We didn't get a cool Heather egg picture like we did last year, but she's a lot more fun as a curious little monkey.

Nathan's first passover - Passover April 2004

There are some other family pictures, but it's mostly Nat.

Elaine's party pics - March 27, 2004

I have the pictures up now but they don't have captions. I'll have to go back and do that.

Molly's Bat Mitzvah - November 22, 2003

We went to Chicago for my cousin Molly's Bat Mitzvah. It was another banner event on the Yesowitch calendar and a good time was had by all!

Mom-In-Law's birthday party - November 16, 2003

We went to the Gloucester House for a celebratory dinner.

Disney! - for Honeymoon/Anniversary of first date

We had a great time at Disney World. There are alot of pictures. Very few of us.

Heather's Baptism

And also her new house

Rosh Hashana with Nat - September 2003

We went to Louisville for Rosh Hashana, which is really just a cover for spending quality time with da neph

Heather in September, 2003

It took me so long to update this, that I thought I'd throw them all up in one album. If I'd gotten pictures of hoppie's other birthday party, I'd have broken these up, but alas.

Heather - August 24, 2003

These introduce the new innovation of Heather eating, and a frog on the grill

Rich's Birthday Party - August 17, 2003

Lots of cute Heather pictures, and some of other people as well.

Assorted Nat update - From Nine weeks up

Some pictures of Nat that Martha and Mom sent me.

John's Birthday Party - August 10, 2003

Cinda and David hosted a birthday party for John at their cottage on Lake Winnepesake. We did not see Mitt.

Leah's Goodbye Party - August 3, 2003

We'll miss you, Leah.

Sam, Sandy and Heather - July 13, 2003

Sam and Sandy came up from NM and so the whole family gathered at the Hopkins homestead (theirs not ours).

Boston area Wedding reception - June 22, 2003

This is the reception that hoppie's parents threw for us. It was tons of fun. Everything with beautiful and hoppie and rocker graciously wore their tuxes the entire evening. Which is way better than I did with my wedding dress.

Heather - June 15, 2003

The week after another week in the the life of Heather. This introduces a new innovation. Laying on the floor on a blanket.

Heather - June 8, 2003

Another week in the life of Heather

Nathan - June 6 & 7, 2003

Finally Dad and Sissy come through with some updated pictures of Nat

Heather - June 1 - 2003

She's definitely sleeping better, at least by herself. I think she's got a lot of character too. Well, check it out for youself.

Heather - May 25, 2003

Memorial Day with Heather.Any pictures that didn't come out on this "roll", we blame on Betsy's Memorial Day punch. Lethal stuff, that is.

Nathan Samuel (Noach Simcha ben Fibish Reuven v' Bruriah Moshit)

Now I have pictures of our nephew.

Mother's Day - May 11, 2003

While my parents and brother and sissy were at the hospital with Nat, I was at The Village with hoppie, Heather, and the rest of the family (although, honestly, you don't get to see many of them in the pics.

Betsy's Birthday's Party - May 4, 2003 (evening)

Betsy's birthday party and lots of Heather pictures. This is going to be a thing, so, Constant Viewer, batten down the hatches and wait for little Yesowitch to show up, because it only gets worse from here.

Vanessa's Birthday's Party - May 4, 2003 (day)

Vanessa's Birthday Party and the new house in Gardner. Eric was late, and that's why he's not in any pictures, even though he was at the party.

New York - April 27 2003

We went to NY to celebrate my Grandmother's 85th Birthday with her.

Afterwards, we hung out with Brian and Alan

Heather Michelle at 10 days - April 20, 2003

This is our first day with our niece. This does not bode well for my web space.

Marci and Tom's Wedding - April 13, 2003

The wedding was in Louisville, KY. We went down a week before the wedding, so the pictures start off a little earlier, with a visit to Robin and Kevin's and a party at the Gould's.

The Rehearsal dinner was at Ferd Grisani's in J-Town. Yes, those are real Louisvile Sluggers, you will respect our best man, and our maid of honor from now on, won't you?

The Wedding itself was at the Olmstead in Louisville. It was a lovely wedding. The food was fabulous and the party was too short which is fine, instead of too long, which is dreadful. Tom's Uncle Sam took some fabulous movies of the event. You can see Rabbi Diamond saying the Sheva Brachos". Hoppie promising to love and cherish me, okay, so Rabbi Diamond told him to, but still. Mr. and Mrs. Hopkins are leaving the service. This is Rocker's toast part 1 and part 2 And my dad thanking the out of town guests and forgtting mom's family. Me and hoppie sweetly share a bit of wedding cake, using a fork, which Betsy, felt was cheating, but my mother thought was absolutely adoreable. You decide. Feel free to let us know your opinion. (There's an email link at the bottom of the page.) General party movies, like Hoppie's cousin's Cindy and James and Hoppie at the bar with family and friends And ultimately, as all good things must come to an end our departure as arranged by Vicky. She and Joe work with the carriage company. Joe did not attend the wedding, although hoppie was hoping to meet him.

Afterwards we went to Woodhaven Inn (which I'm now willing to tell people, until now, no one knew but Robin, Kevin, Lori, and Vicky. And then we went on our honeymoon to Cumberland Falls, where we did actually see the moonbow.

And after that we went to see Jason, Stacey, Stacey's mom, and the kids in Seymore .

Carla's Baby shower - March 16, 2003

Betsy threw Carla a baby shower at Historical Site Joseph Gould Barn. A good time was had by all.

The Other Bridal shower - February 16, 2003

My maid of honor, Lori, bosom buddy, Janice and hoppie's sisters, Carla and Betsy conspired to throw me a recipe shower. My parents came up and everything. It was wondering. Dad says he's not coming up again, until the house is clean though. Well, it was nice seeing you anyway, dad, even if it's just this once. 8-)

Leah's Birthday Party - February 9, 2003

We went over to Lori and Leah's to celebrate Leah's Birthday.

Pictures of my bridal shower - December 22, 2002

I went to KY for Marcimas and do help mom with some of the wedding plans and meat the wedding planner and everything. And my Aunts Roberta and Janice and family friends Sandee and Carole threw me a bridal shower. My cousins Angie and Kelli were the Mistresses of Ceremonies. Among the games we played were a Marriage unscramble, a variation of the newlywed game (we got 13 out of 21 questions "right"), and a forbidden word game (you couldn't say "Tom" or "wedding").

TWINS! Hee hee hee! - December 22, 2002

And my friend Robin had her twins while I was I was home.

And More Louisville pics

It was a long trip. These are snaps from Saturday night before the shower and Billmas day

Pictures of the new office - December 18, 2002

I changed offices on December 17th. I'm afraid my new office didn't stay neat very long.

Hoppie's Aunt Donna's Surprise 60th Birthday Party - December 15, 2002

The party was at Carin's. The purple cast pictures at the end of the album were taken with my Kodak palmpix.

Hannah's Bat Mitzvah - November 30, 2002

Back to California just one more time, for cousin Hannah's Bat Mitzvah and brief trip trips to see Sandy and Martin and Gwydion.

Sunday with Lori and Leah - October 26, 2002

Just a nice quiet brunch with Lori and Leah and their girls.

NY - October 13, 2002

Us hanging with some friends in NY.

Yoel's Upsharn (haircutting and 3rd birthday party)

The reason we went to NY is to see our friend's the Shernofskys and congratulate them on their son's 3rd birthday

Molly Clarissa Nelson - June 27, 2002

Happy Birthday and congratulations to Molly and her parents, grandparents, and older brother on the occasions of her birth at St. Josephs hospital.

Ali's Baby's Shower - June 23, 2002

Hoppie's cousin Ali is having a baby girl in August. Wanna see the pictures?

Heath - May 26, 2002

Hoppie wanted to go to Heath to see what it was like. So we went. If you decide to go, Stop at the West Country Winery and pick up a bottle of Cider. That's good stuff. Also as you're there anyway, you might stop by The Bridge of Flowers in Shelbourn Falls.

Lena's Bat Mitzvah - April 13, 2002

I didn't realize how few pictures I got, but I guess I was too busy having fun to a) notice b) take more pictures. Fortunately I think George and Irene got bunches of pictures. A grand time was had by all.

Visiting Jason and Stacey

These are from April 7, 2002 when we went up to Milford, NH to visit our friends (appropriately enough named) Jason and Stacey and Simon. Tober was with us too. You remember Tober , right?

Passover at home - 2002

Unfortunately Aunt Roberta, Uncle Ronnie, and cousins Ben, Osher, Stacy, Bob, Molly and Sean were only around on holidays, but I did get some shots of the Lexington (KY) crew.

The Valentine's Julianne is coming to Town - Feb 2002

So a bunch of the EBOAI crowd got together to celebrate.

My Birthday - December 2001

My friends threw me a party, but they didn't actually tell me about it, so I didn't bring my camera and therefore have no pictures. My parents however did tell me so I have some pictures (2) from that and some others from my trip to Louisville .

California - November 22-27 2001

We did other things in California too including seeing my dad's cousin George and Irene (more Yesowitches!)

Cindy's Wedding Weekend - November 23-25, 2001

We went to California for Thanksgiving Weekend to attend Hoppie's cousin's Cindy's wedding. It was beautiful, but don't feel like you have to take my word for it, see for yourself.

Greg and Maya's Wedding

I think the wedding traditionally belongs to bride, but Greg belongs to me, so I have been conflicted as to whether to call it Maya's wedding which seems wrong, or Greg's wedding which seems exclusionist. Therefore I've settled on Greg and Maya's Wedding and by and large refer to it that way whenever the subject comes up.

Carla's Post Wedding Picnic - September 16, 2001

These are pictures from what would have been a much larger occasion, however, be that as it may, Carla's brunch and Hoppie's birthday

Carla's Wedding - September 15, 2001

These are the pictures that hoppie, and hoppie's cousin Adam and I took at hoppie's sister's Carla's Wedding


This is Ben Tober and his Motorcycle Tober has been a friend for a number of years so when he said he didn't have pictures of himself and his new motorcycle, I rushed into action (and 3 or 4 months later) fixed the problem!.

First Channukah with the new camera - December 26, 2000

What a different world it seems now. I discovered these pictures on the website, but unlinked. Channukah 2000
Anshei Sfard Channukah party

Retro Scans

Dad and Brian at the ABA 30th Reunion - August 1997

Brian asked me to scan these images in ages ago, but I lost them. But I found them again!

Portrait of the artist as a young man

Pictures of Tom and me as children.

Flora, Fauna and the House and my car

I decided to break these out, because I think me and hoppie are the only ones who want to see them.
My car turns over to sevens!
Lucky Sevens!